Child & Pet Portraits

A good portrait captures not just the likeness but the spirit and soul of the subject, and is a beautiful way to “freeze time,” relive precious memories, and celebrate the loved ones in your life.

I especially enjoy painting children and animals, but we are all children at heart, aren’t we? So all inquiries are welcome. 🙂

Here are some examples of my portrait work. Click the thumbnail images for details on each piece.

Child & Pet Portraits

Pet & child portrait watercolot horse and child portrait watercolor Child portrait on skis watercolor Story Boy custom horse painting Calvin O child portrait child portrait charcoal             

So here’s the process:

  1. While I am a huge advocate of painting from life, reference photos rock when painting kids and pets because they’re always on the move!  Having one or more favorite photos of your child or pet is the first step to owning a gorgeous portrait. Casual snapshots are fine—as long as a photo captures the spirit of the subject I can work with it (but the quality does have to be good enough for me to work from it.) 🙂 I am happy to assist you in choosing suitable reference photos. Many times the perfect look is achieved by merging aspects of two or more photos. If you don’t have a photo you like, I can do a photo shoot if you’re close by. If not, contact me for tips on how to take an awesome reference photo.
  2.  We’ll need to get together to decide on portrait size and medium (watercolor, acrylic, or charcoal) as well as discuss any additional elements, color scheme, and the overall effect you are looking for.
  3. Before beginning a painting, I will always create a simple pencil or charcoal sketch first and email you a photo of it to be sure you are happy with the composition. If the painting is complex, you may also receive in-progress updates.
  4. Upon completion, I will email you a photo of the finished piece for your approval.
  5. Please allow 2 -3 weeks from start to painting completion. However, I can almost always accommodate rush orders if needed.
  6. Normally I ship the painting unframed. However I am happy to frame it for you if you like. In that case we will need to get together and discuss your framing preferences.

For more information about portraits or other custom work, or to get started right away, contact me below!