About Christie

christie-michelsenAnne Christina (Christie) Michelsen was born with a crayon clenched in her fist. As soon as her mother found it, she snatched it away – and replaced it with charcoal pencils, kneaded erasers, artist’s quality paintbrushes and watercolors in tubes.

Christie spent the next 18 years putting them to good use. From the beginning, she used art to connect with the natural world – especially animals. Her mother had to put up first with cave paintings on the walls, and then with sketches of unicorns frolicking on the fridge. (Her mother was a good sport.)

When Christie was 11 years old, she began taking private art lessons with her next door neighbor, artist John W. Clark. John gave her the best possible introduction to oil painting. His traditional and rigorous academic approach and gentle direction gave her a solid foundation for representational painting in an era when classical technique was often dismissed as ‘outdated.’

Later, Christie attended St. Olaf College, where she majored in art. After graduating, her paintings and sculptures earned recognition both regionally in the Upper Midwest and nationally. Christie took up watercolor when pregnant with her first child and never looked back.

Over the years Christie began to realize that her paintings carried meaningful spiritual messages that helped her make sense of life. After completing lightworker training in Usui Reiki and as a certified Energy Scan Practitioner, it became clear to Christie and to others that her art is yet another energy healing modality.

Today Christie combines her intuitive and artistic talents to create and interpret unique personal symbolic power images that carry the power of archetype to transform and heal at the level of the soul. She is especially known for her spirit animal art and for her guardian angel art readings that channel the healing energies of a person’s angelic essence into visible form.

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